Application Referred

Your application has been referred for more information to be collected by eitika. This means you need to respond to etika in order to get your sofa purchase confirmed.

You will have been sent an email from etika directly to the email address you used in your application. As this is a new email to you, it may go into your junk or spam folders in your email provider. Please check both of these if you can’t see the email in your inbox.

Should you have any further difficulties, or the email isn’t there then you can call them directly on this number:

etika customer service:

Customer Enquiries

If you need to contact us directly then call us on our office number or if it’s after 5pm, our out of office number:

Office: 0800 5200 0602

Please note that you do have a live order with us that at this time is not paid for. Please do not go and order again on our website, once confirmed with etika we will confirm your order back to you. If you do not go forward then please let us know so we can cancel your order.

Thank you

Carpet Monster